7 October 2015

Discovering Star Wars Rebels

Thanks to my friend William I recently discovered Star Wars Rebels.

I heard about the series before but wasn’t attracted to it because of the deception the Clone Wars 3D series was. I’m not far in but episode 4 definitely got me hooked. So my suggestion would be to watch up to this one, if you don’t like it then stop - or try harder :)

Definitely feeling the hype increasing for the new movie coming in about 2 months and that’s a great way to wait. I really like the editing and some character designs. Some characters are definitely better designed than other. For instance most of the characters from the movies are really well represented: wookies and storm troopers mainly. Others look less detailed and especially human ones.

I really like Sabine’s design because of her coloured armour and hairs but I am a bit disappointed by her Boba Fet type of helmet. I would have enjoyed an original one, like they did for the Inquisitor. The series is trying new stuffs that I personally don’t find shocking so why sticking with the helmet?

Unlike Sonic Rebels (apologies to people who likes it…) Star Wars Rebels is matching the series mythos with some obvious references here and there and is definitely worth watching. Can’t wait to finish season 1 to start season 2. Watch a trailer of the first season here.

Thank you William ;D 

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