17 December 2012

Is it really a "Happy" 25th Birthday for Megaman?

When you like a series, especially a long and old one, you wait its anniversaries with impatience because you know that some big announcements are going to happen. Rockman is one of them and today is its 25th anniversary. 

On this day a lot of people are talking about the hard year for the franchise, especially the cancellation of Megaman Universe and Rockman DASH 3. Also I would like to remind here that Rockman EXE Operate Shooting Star never left Japan and that Europe never had Megaman Star Force 3. No need to say why all the fans were looking to Capcom waiting this anniversary hoping for a game announce. It finally came... well kind of. 

It started with a couple of remix CDs, the excellent We Are Rockmen! 2 and the promising Rockman HOLIC and a bundle of all Rockman OST ever. Then the update of the 20th anniversary Artbook and finally a game! But not what fan wanted, a mobile game: Rockman Xover. So far available in Japan only, the game surfs the new wave of F2P card games. Nevertheless, even if it wasn't really announced for the anniversary it gave a bit of hope back to the fans who wished and prayed that Capcom gave a bit of interest back into the Blue Bomber. 

Then it came, the game for the anniversary: Street Fighter X Megaman. The game is great really, but it is ... a fan-game. It means a fan made it, showed it to Capcom who had nothing best to offer for the 25th anniversary and saw an opportunity. I'm not complaining about the game, really. It is a good fan-game, probably one of the best, that anyone can have for free. What is shocking me is that most of the fans over the Internet seems to accept it like if it is the BEST gift Capcom could have made. Eventually today were announce Megaman 1-6 re-release on the US eShop  and some avatar costumes for the Xbox 360. It is like Capcom is trying to hide the lack of quality with quantity.

Capcom has nothing best to offer to its millions of fans but a fan-game. I am really worring about the future of the series. 

Anyway, happy birthday Rockman! You're still the best :)

12 December 2012

"You bloody Nintendo fanboy"

There are some recurent topics in gaming discussions. Among friends, professionals or just players they always generate the same reaction: a big argument. Well the one I want to talk about is often taken as an insult: "you bloody Nintendo fanboy". 

I heard this so many times. First it was during the Sega vs Nintendo period, then the Playtation vs Nintendo and now in the fight between all the platforms. 

Everytime it was really hard to explain why the Nintendo fan base was strong and still growing. Yesterday I saw these pictures on Tiny Cartridge's tumblr

Now I have an answer.

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