8 October 2011

Good Bye Steve

Steve Jobs, former CEO and co-funder of Apple, died at the age of 56 years old from a pancreatic cancer.

Yes, I know, the whole web is on fire about this topic, which seems to bother some peoples that don't understand why he was such a great man. Actually, a majority of his fans doesn't know him at all, except from his image in the media. Neither do I. But what peoples love about him, and I'm not talking about Apple-fans or Mac-users, is the mind of the character. Of course he was not the lonely man behind big projects like the iBook, the MacBook, the iMac, iTunes, the iPod, the iPhone, the iPad and all the other stuffs Apple made. But he certainly was a pillar, and a man full of vision. Moreover, some Apple products change the computing industry and even more. For instance iTunes was a leader in digital distribution that we are all using today for movies, books, games, etc. But this is another topic.

A common quote is saying that people that can predict what will be THE next thing before it happens are visionary. Beside that Jobs always claimed that his job was to find what will be essential for Mister Everybody in his everyday life whereas he doesn't know that this could exist. And that's actually what was particularly criticized at Apple for the iPad. But another common quote is saying that back in the past if you had asked the peoples what they wanted, they would have answered a faster horse not a car.

Finally, Jobs was a very good speaker. This is also why its genius looks real.  Among all his speeches that we can find on Youtube, there's a part of the duo interview with Bill Gates back in 2007 just after the iPhone announcement where he said something that I feel totally true because of my work that is to make games in an industry based on passion. Please enjoy this short video:

Here is an article at Forbes about what Steve Jobs taught us in ten points . It is principally addressed to peoples who cares about production but it can interest anybody actually.

I will finish this posthumous post in the most common way because this sentences are today everywhere on the internet because this man has succeeded in touching millions of peoples all around the world. So Steve, we will stay hungry, we will stay foolish. Thank you.

Documentary about Steve Jobs career (2010): here
Steve Jobs famous speech at Stanford (2005): here