18 December 2011

As time goes by ...

GDC logoGDC is now long gone and a lot of thing happened until now. I didn't took the time to keep feeding the live coverage of the GDC whilst I was there. The truth is that everything was going really fast during and after the GDC.

I talked a little about my final year student project: Beyond. The team and I decided to took advantage of my presence at the GDC to try to meet as much peoples as possible. By 'peoples' I mean publishers and developers. The objective was to get as much feedback a possible. Of course we dreamt to hit somebody attention and to get a serious offer about our game but the demo was just a prototype with visible colliders, some placeholders, etc.

Getting some appointments was not so hard. We thought that it would be harder to meet somebody from Microsoft or Valve. Actually they are really open to meet students, graduates, juniors, amateurs, etc. And it sounds quite logical to me now as they have a lot to win by doing so. Finally I ended with a dozen of interviews to make. The feedback were all interesting and this was a really nice experience. It is not everyday that you can meet some peoples who wants to know about your projects.

As you can imagine my week at San Francisco went very fast. The day I had to sprint from conferences to interviews to the show floor. The evening I stayed out visiting the city or spending some time with indie game developers until noon. Then I got back to my hotel debriefing the day to my team in France to let them know how went my interviews. Long days huh !

beyond logoWell returned in France, no time to rest Beyond went directly in its final phase. At the same time I had to write down a report of my week for the association who organized the contest that I won which sent me to GDC. I could publish the report here but unfortunately it's fully write in French...

Finally the project was over which puts an end to my student year. I moved back to the south of France in the city of Montpellier to do my end of studies internship at Ubisoft Montpellier Studio. There I was a Game Designer intern. I finished the production of The Adventures of Tintin and the Secret of the Unicorn for Xbox 360, Playstation 3 and Nintendo Wii . And I worked on the pre-production step of Killer Freaks from Outer Space, announced at the last E3, for the upcoming Nintendo Wii U.

Six months later, the internship was over and I'm now unemployed. I had the opportunity to move in to Oxford. As I wanted to break into the UK industry for a long time, I decided to do it. So here I am, actively looking for a position in the UK.

kazzed logoI now have some time to spend on my indie projects, on my website and thankfully on my blog ! Woohoo ! Thus I will talk about Kazz.Ed which I realized that I never talked in here. It is the game I did with some awesome peoples at the Global Game Jam 2011 in Paris. The game received a bit of interest so we decided to release it first on Xbox Live Indie Game and perhaps on PC. Almost one year later we are close to release it. I will talk about it later. Also last Summer I participated to a Ludum Dare game compo ! It was quite an experience and I wanted to do one for a long long time so debriefing about this famous game jam sounds interesting to me.

To finish this long "Hey I'm back!" post, I invite you to visit our fresh new website for Beyond which was finalized today. The website is here to celebrate the Artistic Direction award that we won at a French event called Stage One. It is organized by the mobile games publisher/developer Playsoft.

Next time I will try to do shorter post, I promise ! :)

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