28 February 2011

Road to GDC day 0 - "if you're going to San Francisco..."

First day in SF, I do not suffer of the jet lag as expected. The trip was very long. After you watched 4 movies you start to ask yourself what you can do to make this feels quicker. And do not speak about "sleeping". I can't sleep more than normally without a jet lag so I slept as much as I can but it wasn't enough.

Once in SF, it was really funny to see Starbucks full of peoples with video game t-shirt. I finally took the time to organize my week and between several meetings to present my current project at ENJMIN (Beyond Project) and presentations (tutorials, conferences, etc.).

San Francisco looks just like it is in Crazy Taxi without Offsprings musics :)

Tomorrow things are going to be a bit more serious (the real serious step is Tuesday with the first meeting).

And finally, just to give a meaning to the title ...

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